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MLRIT is the first step to success.As a passed-out student,stressing on R&D and Placements, I can state that my work in college helped a lot in fetching a couple of good jobs in the industry like Alliance Golbal Services and TCS with a good package.With a couple of months exposure to the IT Industry,I confidently put myself ahed of other freshers, regards to all the support and cooperation from our MLR Family.     ---- NAGATEJA GUPTA PRODDATURI, CSE-2011-2015 


I am Anusha.I m from CSE Deparment completed my Engineering at MLRIT. and I am placed in one of the best companies called TEK systems with a good package.I am really so glad to say that the management and the faculty helped us a lot to reach my present position.i am proudly say that MLRIT is really works hard for the betterment and placement of every studnet                 ----M. Anusha CSE,2011-15

DSC 129

Hello this is Tejaswi B.Tech II year CSE Dept, wants to share my great amount of feelings about my stay at home being away from home that is the hostel of MLRIT.It is the place where we are all served very delicious, and tastiest and hygienic food.and we enjoy the food as well as good health of mind and body.The facilities that are available in hostels 24/7 wifi availability,Library,Lab hours,Study hours,good Medication and comfortable rooms.
           ----- M.Tejaswi  – IInd CSE

Technology entrepreneurship program by ISB is the greatest opportunity I ever received.The entire program  goes through the life cycle of  Creativity, Brainstorming ,Prototyping  and Product Development .not just doing our degree from a stream it also helps to apply theoretical knowledge practically and add essence to our Engineering life by adding colors. This program includes personalities from different streams, varied brains hence great new discoveries.



It developed an entrepreneurial mindset in us and made us think innovatively    how to solve complex problems, Interlinked and fast changing problems for the development of the society.                                              ----- SRAVYA –IV ECE

By entering this TEP programme from ISB, My view towards my career had changed from being an Engineer to an Entrepreneur. Through this programme, I learnt how to build my product in a sophisticated manner.                                       
     ----- SUMA AMJURI - IV AERO

This TEP programme has brought so much of confidence in me and the ability to stay focused and deal with the problem at hand in antithetical situations.
                                                            ----- RITHVIK VEDANTHAM IV – MECH

ISB-TEP is a program for young aspiring engineering students who aspire to become future entrepreneurs. It aims to embed technology entrepreneurship education and gives a platform to help the student’s to create and launch new business ventures


If there is anything I have learned while being in college, it is my purpose as a student. I have come to understand how much I am able to accomplish. I have come to realize that I really did love going to college. I looked forward to learning something new everyday. I have come to realize that I was not going to college for my parents. I was going to college for myself. I have learnt and I enjoyed every bit of it. I made the most of it. I can honestly say that I love college. All this happened because it was MLRIT!
                                                            ----- Sanjana Kamireddy IV CSE

connecting students with world class teaching methods ....... even u cant't imagine the environment what they have created ... it is just how they explicit.....                ----Harsha gorrepati ECE


this college helped me become more aware of my weaknesses and also gave me tools to strengthen them . the teaching in this college helped me understand how i could become more effective to real time situations . its a perfect envirnment to study                                              ----- Gayathri-.S II CSE


"Going MLR for my engineering was the best thing I've done. I'm so glad I made the decision to be a part of such a prestigious college. The last few days were testing times as many of us weren't ready to leave college because of the college atmosphere and the memorable time we all spent together, It made a great impact on me that will last a lifetime. – Vandana, ECE  2011-15

The key for success of any college resides in its faculty. Its the faculty which makes the institute and the students. As per my knowledge MLRIT has wide range of faculty which helps the students to build oneself. MLRIT is one the best place to persue your engineering as it provides plenty of opportunities to every student. Nikhil Reddy,  IT 2011-15


MLRIT is one of the top reputed colleges in Hyderabad. The infrastructure of the college is great. The college has a great positive attitude towards learners, and is always ready to help them. The faculty in the college is experienced and dynamic with a sea of knowledge. MLRIT also gives an opportunity to its students to participate in a number of training sessions and sports competitions. The training and placement cell in the college is a very active department. Sindhu, CSE 2011-15